What’s in your bag? | DJ CROOKED

Tuesday nights on the top floor of Arcade Bar, DJ Crooked spins all Pop, all night. Several times a year he deejays dance nights at the Atlantic Nightspot and the Backyard at Boca Fiesta.

DJ Crooked, also known as Josh Rey, always has his khaki bag. No matter where he is blasting Beyonce or Taylor Swift, he’s got his “perfunctory and easy” messenger bag.

“It serves its purpose while it’s still stylish,” said Rey. “I can use it every day.”

Rey has had the bag a solid two years. He bought it for $7 at Flashbacks Recycled Fashions, a clothing and home decor consignment shop, a place he worked many years ago.

“It translates easy,” said Rey, explaining why he loves this bag. “I can ride my bike with it. I can put my equipment in it. It’s perfect.”

The messenger-style bag has one large main compartment and two smaller pockets. Rey explained how he gets a lot of use out of this bag when he goes out to his weekly gig. Record needles and extra cables stay safe and secure in the smaller pockets.

“This is your life,” said Rey, gesturing around the bag. “It is how you contain your life.”

Items he always has in his bag?

“My charger and my Dream,” said Rey, referring to his cellphone charger and signature scent, Gap Dream. Though the particular perfume was discontinued years ago, Rey still finds a way to get it, usually on eBay. He is convinced some “housewife in Newark is sitting on cases of the stuff.”

Rey is very practical with many of his items and they have a lot to do with the weather. “I’ve always got decongestants,” he said. “Plus, I always have scarves and sweaters in the winter.”

Since it has yet to fully cool down for fall in Gainesville, Rey always has deodorant and an extra shirt. A long night of dancing and spinning records, plus the walk up a few flights of stairs to the top of Arcade Bar, it is important to be prepared.

One last item?

“Glasses and sunglasses,” said Rey. “People don’t look at your eyes when you wear glasses, they always are just looking at your frames. It distances you from people.”

Like a secret identity, he puts on his glasses, coordinated to his outfit, and creates a shield from the crowds ready for Pop.