Monday Memo


(and watching) Lemonade by Bey. I am amazed and enamored. I think I have a summer playlist secured. 

(image via Bey's  Lemonade  visual album)

(image via Bey's Lemonade visual album)


Help me, I can't get anything to stick. I was on a serious roll and then I just got into the terrible habit of watching Snap stories as I fall asleep. 


Brownie Brittle. Can't stop thinking about and replenishing my stash. I eat it plain, I crush it up and put it on ice cream, I smear almond butter on it. The Peanut Butter flavor is hard to find but it is perfect. The Mint has the best chips. The Salted Caramel is that perfect salty/sweet combo. Even the gluten-free Trader Joe's version is great. I could go on. Yes, I have a problem.

Sheila G what have you done to me?! (image via

Sheila G what have you done to me?! (image via


Black tees and a black skirt or cut-off shorts. Plus a lot of light blue. 


Friday Night Lights. I speak with a twang now and I dream about Tim Riggins. I am blowing through this series too quickly and I finally understand why my town loves football. I'll still never love real football as much as I love Dillon football. 

(image via

(image via


A new concealer and the perfect old Levi's.