Monday Memo // 6


"Here's The Thing." Another podcast. It isn't new, but I just listened to the latest episode with Michael Pollan today and was in awe. Alec Baldwin knows how to have a conversation. I always learn something new. 

"Here’s The Thing is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by Alec Baldwin.  Alec talks with artists, policy makers and performers – to hear their stories, what inspires their creations, what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships influenced their work."

Some of my top favorite episodes: Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Elaine Stritch (if you are a 30 Rock fan, she plays his mother). 

(image via

(image via


I have always loved diaries/day-in-the-week recaps of famous people. I have been addicted to New York Magazine's "Grub Street" for years (a week of eating logged), but this weekend I discovered the New York Times' "Sunday Routine" series. I cannot wait to read them all. 

Favorites so far: Emma Straub, Vanessa Bayer and Tituss Burgess

P.s. I will put this dream out in the world: this kind of writing and reporting is what I dream for. Kevin Sessums, Philip Galanes, I am always open for a mentor...

The actor Tituss Burgess with his dogs on a recent Sunday morning.   (  Image via Emon Hassan for The New York Times)

The actor Tituss Burgess with his dogs on a recent Sunday morning. (Image via Emon Hassan for The New York Times)


Breakfast sweets. Waffles, pancakes, muffins, french toast, beignets. I have been on an indulgent kick lately (but when am I not?) and cannot stop ordering chocolate chip pancakes and the other previously mentioned items. 

I really want to try this place in St. Augustine: Cousteau's Waffle and Milkshake Bar. How could you not want a Belgian liege sundae? 

Mmmmm waffles. (image via  Yelp )

Mmmmm waffles. (image via Yelp)


I have an obsession with entering contests and drawings, etc. Most recently, I won this amazing pin pack from Studio DIY (#troopstudiodiy) and cannot get enough of this little cake slice pin. I wear it almost every day and feel like it gives me great vibes. Cake vibes = best vibes. 

Kelly and co are pretty much the best. (image via )

Kelly and co are pretty much the best. (image via


"Bloodline." Season 2 just went up on Netflix, so you know the drill. 

If you haven't watched it, do so. Perfect for binging. Make sure you have a partner or friend or several around when viewing, because it gets creepy and confusing. 

AKA Coach Taylor. (image via

AKA Coach Taylor. (image via


I want a new wallet. My current one is probably a decade old and showing. The pockets are shredding, the exterior has blackened edges and and coins have been falling out of the center pouch. 

I am having trouble deciding on something classic, funky or just plain and cheap.  

I feel like something like this one, from, would fall into all the categories. I just can't seem to make the buy. 

Big Spender wallet in mermaid + metallic gold. (image via ) 

Big Spender wallet in mermaid + metallic gold. (image via