Monday Memo // 3


Alice Boman's "Waiting." 

On Saturday night I arrived home and my boyfriend was watching Season 2 of Transparent (I finished it hours after it came out). Still, I joined him for the last three episodes and laughed and cried, of course. The last song in the final episode gave me chills. So wonderful. This whole soundtrack is brilliant, too. 

Still image via youtube.

Still image via youtube.


Still loving "The Goldfinch." I might be here for a bit, as it is roughly 800 pages. 

Illustration by Wesley Merritt via .

Illustration by Wesley Merritt via


Cold brew coffee. I've been trying out new brands every time I hit up the grocery store. Trader Joes' was a little weak. I really like the CoolBrew Mocha variety. It lasts awhile and has a fun container, perfect for measuring your ounces. Got a Stumptown bottle in my fridge ready for the test. 

Image via  Pinterest page . 

Image via Pinterest page


Black and white stripes. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sweatered; I am regularly in the mood for all the stripes. 

The Boxy Striped Tee via  Everlane . 

The Boxy Striped Tee via Everlane


"Grace and Frankie." My love of grandparents must be part of this instant binge-watching session. It isn't perfect, but it makes me laugh and I sometimes that is all I need/want.

Frankie and Grace (image via

Frankie and Grace (image via


I am falling for the off-the-shoulder trend, but I don't know that I would feel entirely comfortable in it. So far nothing I have tried on has me convinced. Maybe for the better? 

Jane Birkin inspiration from CupOfJo (image via

Jane Birkin inspiration from CupOfJo (image via