Monday Memos // 86


"Nobody" by Mitski. I've listened to this about 600 times already. Very relatable. 

"Don't Call Me" by IAN SWEET. 

"Lockjaw" by Mothers. 


The headline makes this seem like clickbait, but it's hilarious and worth a read if you love Gilmore Girls13 Things to Say to Get Her Totally Soaked

Maybe the Secret to Embracing Your Flaws Is Renaming Them

A Small Needful Fact by Ross Gay


Last week was Family Time! in NYC so I went on many great food expeditions. Plus, I've been really spreading my social wings, which has included various restaurant outings. 

Memorable things I ate (as someone who doesn't eat out too much this is going to appear slightly EXTENSIVE):

  • a lot of Giuseppina's pizza (mushroom and shallot pie, arugula and prosciutto pie, artichoke and ricotta pie)
  • a superb Caribbean feast at The Islands (curry goat, jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, plantains, cabbage, rice and beans)
  • delightful bar nuts at Tørst (red skin peanuts seasoned with togarashi, Szechuan and kaffir lime) 
  • a veggie feast from Sea Wolf (grilled cauliflower steak, great veggie burger)
  • another veg-forward meal at Peacefood Cafe (mushroom, kale, horseradish cauliflower puree, roasted chickpeas, fried lotus root, chickpea fries)
  • a lovely dinner at Community Food and Juice (Crispy Wild Organic Salmon pan-seared with spring ragout of shiitakes, sugar snap peas, leeks & asparagus, with horseradish miso glaze)
  • another outstanding dinner at Cafe Mogador (hummus, yogurt-marinated chicken, tabouli, naan)
  • a fun lunch at Dimes Deli (kale polenta, chickpeas, roasted tomatoes, fried egg)
  • many pastries from Ovenly (Brooklyn Blackout cake, chocolate chip sea salt cookie, lemon poppy seed loaf with raspberry glaze)
Dimes (in all iterations) is the cutest. (image via dimesnyc)

Dimes (in all iterations) is the cutest. (image via dimesnyc)


I like wearing this Outdoor Voices sports bra as a sort of neckline enhancer. It makes me feel comfortable in strapless things and various dresses. 

I pulled out various old things I haven't worn in awhile like a Dolce and Gabbana lemon print tee I thrifted years ago and a polo shirt with the name "Astre" stitched on.

I went to the Cloisters where half of the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibit is up. I was blown away by how beautiful all the garments were. One of each please. 


I finally saw Eighth Grade. It was very well done, but also gave me SO MUCH ANXIETY. Middle school, and honestly most of high school, was the worst time of life. 

I've been watching Sharp Objects. Wow, another anxiety inducing form of entertainment. It's disturbing on many levels. I think Chris Messina is helping me get through each episode.  

It makes me  want to go roller-skating  too. (image via HBO)

It makes me want to go roller-skating too. (image via HBO)


Mom and Brother Hangs: To adventure around the city with my mom and my older brother was fantastic. Photobooths, museums, laughing a lot, eating all the things, seeing friends from years ago, sharing happiness...