Monday Memos // 108


“Summer Girl” by HAIM

“Golden Babyland” by Lina Tullgren

“True Blue” by Mark Ronson ft. Angel Olsen


There There by Tommy Orange. “Tommy Orange’s groundbreaking, extraordinaryThere There is the brilliant, propulsive story of twelve unforgettable characters, Urban Indians living in Oakland, California, who converge and collide on one fateful day.” I have about a third left and it’s blowing me away.

I haven’t sobbed from a Modern Love story in a long time and who knew a dog named Dusty would do me in. Must read: She Wanted a Man With a Good Job Who Is Nice to Animals


Essentially my summer diet has been a whole lot of pizza. Specifically the best homemade rooftop pizza. I’ve also been on a kick of melon, plums, smoothies, seedy crackers, almond butter, spicy noodles, and Guittard’s Super Cookie chocolate chips .

That jor-dough!

That jor-dough!

Recent memorable dining out experiences include: Superiority Burger (a wrap that lasted two meals, realllly good sorbet/gelato, and good laughs), The Turk’s Inn (the decor alone is worth a visit, but the food is great too), General Deb’s (so spicy and so good), Best Pizza (sharing a bowl of garlic rolls with your brother and blabbing about all your anxieties is highly recommended).

The Turk’s Inn interior doesn’t even look real. (image via

The Turk’s Inn interior doesn’t even look real. (image via


Digging into my shirt collection, I’ve been wearing a lot of old Gainesville establishment tees, old graphic gems, and breezy button ups. Unearthed some overalls recently and wore them despite the weather being way too hot for so much denim. Also, I’ve been wearing the same billowy chambray dress on repeat—often two or three days in a row because it’s just all I want to wear.


Recently watched: Four Weddings and a Funeral. I’m surprised I never saw this. I also never considered myself much of a Hugh Grant fan, but this movie made me realize the appeal—particularly when he’s learning about his great love’s sexual history and wearing a pretty great shirt-short-sock-shoe combo. Really enjoyed!

Scarlett, on the left, has the best outfits, too. On the right, this is the best I could find, so go watch the movie.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette. Not as good as the book, but the book was just so good. Still, a great cast, great soundtrack, and nice for a big cry at the end. Plus, the wild architectural moments are fabulous.

Girls. It took me two months to finish the series. I forgot how weird the ending is, but hey, still a solid show.

Want to watch: Joker. I think Joaquin Phoenix is going to win something for this. Looks brilliant and terrifying.


Love and support: From the sweetest text messages to answering frantic phone calls to back rubs to big hugs to silly pictures to dinners with laughter to long drives with sick pets, I feel so much care and affection from so many different people. Summer can be sweaty, exhasting, and emotionally draining for me, so extra thankful for all these wonderful peeps.

Lounging in the nearby park is one of my new pastimes and I thoroughly enjoy.

Lounging in the nearby park is one of my new pastimes and I thoroughly enjoy.