Monday Memos // 50

This week is brought to you by the sentiments of packing up and moving from the place I have lived for roughly 25 years. It's beautiful and uncomfortable and so much more.


"Drive" by R.E.M. The video makes me want to crowd surf. Best listened to cranked as loud as possible. Plus, the interlude in the middle—"Ollie, ollie / Ollie, ollie, ollie / Ollie, ollie, in come free, baby"—is really good for serenading my cat.

"Distance" by Emily King. "Even when I’m lonely / Happy knowing that your love is never far / When we are apart / Distance makes the heart"

"Blood On Me" by Sampha. I discovered this guy on Insecure and the album—Process—is great.

I also fell into an NPR Tiny Desk concert spiral (via looking up a Sampha video), and these were particularly entrancing: Angel OlsenDan DeaconBig Thief, and Hozier.


Confirm or Deny: Idris Elba. “The Wire” is the best TV show of all time. Confirm."

The Secret to Marriage Is Never Getting Married. "A year before I met Hans, a relative of his opened a credit card in his name and charged the better portion of another relative’s wedding. And then she forgot to pay the bill. For years. Forever, actually."

IT’S DECORATIVE GOURD SEASON, MOTHERFUCKERS. If you've never read this, it's a classic!

Always loving a love story. (image by Brian Rea via nytimes)

Always loving a love story. (image by Brian Rea via nytimes)


I've eaten far too many cold, fudgy chocolate chip topped brownies in the last week or two. I call it stress/packing fuel/reward. I want another.

Also, I've had so many delightful breaded, crusted and carb-centric things lately: a Dutch baby with Florida oranges and thyme maple syrup (I've wanted to try a Dutch baby for ages—french toast meets pancake); pretzel-crusted tilapia (great in a taco); chicken tenders (sweet taste of childhood!); crusty, buttered, sourdough toast (they used to call me "Zoë Bread and Butter"); a warm cinnamony, flaxseed-topped muffin (because dessert, always). Hello, I am not afraid of gluten.

Proud of my friends for their new restaurant, Afternoon, which features these tasty things above.


Striped shirts. Black loafers. Purple vans. Unfortunately, still shorts (it's a hot October thus far).

Plus, for my aching knees and hip (always a sign that I'm due for new running shoes), I just got these Adidas—such a good color combo.




As I move between excitement and terror, packing and crying, I am rewatching "Sex and the City." I can find something new to appreciate as I revisit the scenarios and characters. The cameos, too! Everyone was on that show. (Trivia: I once waited on "Stanford Blatch.")

I've been keeping up with season 2 of "Better Things." It's like "Louie" without Louis.

Carrie's Bowie shirt: yes!


My emotions, as I pack up my life, are on a wild roller coaster ride. My eyes well up when I start to articulate certain things or hear certain songs or think of particular moments or drive down a country road. 

Adam JK is giving me life with these words from his new book, "Things Are What You Make of Them."

Adam JK is giving me life with these words from his new book, "Things Are What You Make of Them."

I'm soaking in the sun and sweat. I'm recognizing the trees and leaves. I'm savoring my best friends. As much as Florida can be a pile of trash, it can also be exquisite. My home.

More adamjk. He's brilliant.

More adamjk. He's brilliant.