Monday Memos // 68


"All The Snow Is Gone" by Sniffle Party.

"Flatiron" by Suzanne Kraft.

"Suddenly" by Drugdealer feat. Weyes Blood.


Thank you Joy for leading me to The A.V. Club's "11 Questions" series. I started with Karen Kilgariff (MFM fans!), then John Reynolds (Search Party fans!), and ended with Claudia O’Doherty (Love fans!).

For when you're endlessly scrolling: The 100 Best Movies on Netflix.

Worst Roommate Ever - This is one of the most terrifying stories. As someone who just spent the last month or so in a stressful hunt for housing in New York it feels close to home. However, I feel some relief in the fact that the psycho antagonist was in my own position and I promise dear roommates of present and future, I wouldn't even know how to be this kind of monster. 

A scene from “Jaws.” (image via Universal Studios)

A scene from “Jaws.” (image via Universal Studios)


Last week I had the pleasure and discomfort of participating in a Talenti taste test. I sampled 36 different flavors of sorbetto and gelato. About six flavors in I realized this would not be the joy I anticipated. It was sticky. It was sweet. It gave me a bit of a sugary film on my teeth and a bit of a stomach ache. I wasn't surprised to discovered that all my favorites were on the chocolate and/or peanut butter spectrum. Don't choose vanilla-based flavors (anything with coconut is good though, especially coconut almond chocolate). Don't expect Ben and Jerry's levels of mix-ins. If you are into dairy-free options, the sorbettos are really creamy and generally delicious (roman raspberry and peanut butter fudge were in my top ratings).

Either way, I love my new job and these sorts of projects. I am inundated with snacks and homemade food and gourmet chocolates. 

My Wednesday looked like this. (image via Talenti)

My Wednesday looked like this. (image via Talenti)


Next week will be another story, but lately: black tee, black boots, black sack dress, black slacks, black leggings. This wardrobe is sometimes just the thing. I snazzed up the monotones with some old favorite gold necklaces, too.


I know I've mentioned this multiple times, but High Maintenance is outstanding and I am continually enamored by it in every way. 

John Oliver continues to make current events entertaining, digestible, and informative. At least when I am depressed by the leaders of our world I can count on Oliver to give me some interesting perspectives. 


New Routines: I'm learning how long it takes to get to work. I'm enjoying the meditative commute on the one train. I'm savoring the quiet moments when I get to work and no one else is there and I make my coffee and gaze out at Jersey City. I love shuffling down my new long hallway in my socks. I love looking out at all the new views – through the fog, the snowflakes, the rainy evenings, and the sunshine. I love wandering in and out of different markets and groceries and having a fridge, cabinet, and oven to use when I return "home."

Keith Haring lover forever. 

Keith Haring lover forever.