Monday Memos // 69


"Ojos Del Sol" by Y La Bamba.

This song got me. I heard it on High Maintenance (a thousand times over, it is SO AMAZING) and it reminded me of something else. It took me to another place. I want to listen to it on repeat. On Sunday I had this leap of happiness and I just wanted to walk around in the cold windy night with this song as the soundtrack. So I put on my warm layers and walked by the water and literally skipped through a tunnel and played this song again and again and again. 


Your First Kiss: What Was It Like? - I think I spent at least half an hour reading every single comment. 

Bon Appetit's sandwich guide in the March issue is top notch. A particularly fun read: 7 Sandwich Secrets We’re Stealing from Chefs (Thanks, Chefs).

A Day In the Life of a Line Cook at One of NYC's Fanciest Restaurants. Great and eye-opening.

I love this picture and would frame it.  "Wylie Dufresne’s Scrambled Egg Sandwich."  (image by Alex Lau via Bon Appetit)

I love this picture and would frame it. "Wylie Dufresne’s Scrambled Egg Sandwich." (image by Alex Lau via Bon Appetit)


To say there are a lot of delicious things in New York to eat is like saying there is a lot of water in the ocean. I am overwhelmed and delighted by it all. 

On Friday night I went to see The Shape of Water — I loved it — and in a fabulous twist, the random theater I chose just happened to be a few blocks away from Levain Bakery. HOW DID I FORGET TO GO HERE??? I had the cookies shipped to me for a birthday a couple of years ago because I heard so many rave reviews about them (thank you David!). I popped into the bakery around 6pm as the wind and snow were destroying umbrellas outside. The warmth and scent of cookies enveloped me. I could've fainted from the smell. I got a chocolate chip walnut and a double chocolate peanut butter cookie. They were both gone by the next morning. 

(Note: I wrote everything before I read about the Oscar winners. Turns out my pull to The Shape of Water this last weekend was a good feeling. Sitting there alone, in the middle of the theater, I felt very comforted by the colors and story and people sitting near me. I do wish there were always multiple winners. So many wonderful choices.)


Purple vans. All the jackets. Black loafers. My It's-It sweatshirt. Chapstick. I really should be stepping it up now that I work in the same building as Vogue, Teen Vogue, Glamour, etc. Lipstick? Wide leg culottes? Chic jumpsuits? Silk? 


I watched the first episode of Here and Now. I'm intrigued, I have questions, and I'll give a few more episodes a try. I'm caught up with This Is Us finally and all cried out. I still miss my pretend Australian tv friends.

Yesterday I was reminded of the movie Delicatessen and it made me want to revisit all my Jean-Pierre Jeunet favorites (The City of Lost Children, A Very Long Engagement, Amélie).

The colors in  The Shape of Water  reminded me of  Delicatessen . (image via  Delicatessen )

The colors in The Shape of Water reminded me of Delicatessen. (image via Delicatessen)


Wind: The wind last week was strong and made everything feel extra cold, but I loved it. The wildly dancing snowflakes. The whistling in the leaves. The rippling of the water. The hilarity when attempting to walk with an umbrella. 

A nor'easter y'all! (image via NYPL)

A nor'easter y'all! (image via NYPL)

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE! I hope you win all the things.